As with most of us in this field, my interest in sound design naturally developed from a musical background during my younger years.

I studied sound engineering and secured my first job in 2010 at a sound post-production studio—the best job I ever had! There, I had the privilege of working with clients such as Nickelodeon, Disney, National Geographic, and many others, an invaluable experience I won't forget.

In the years leading up to this point, I explored various professional fields, gaining a multitude of experiences and skills unrelated to sound production. This diverse journey has provided me with different competences and perspectives.

In 2023, I reconnected with my sonic origins and discovered a profound passion for creating immersive soundscapes within the gaming world. This shift represents an exciting chapter in my career, enabling me to craft content that entertains, inspires, and evokes emotions. Games serve as the perfect platform for that—nothing is more immersive and engaging than a good game.

Recently, I completed my enrollment at the School of Video Game Audio, where I delved into audio implementation. I take pride in being selected as their featured graduate student based on the work developed in my Wwise implementation demo reel.

Currently, I'm working on personal projects in Unity, deepening my knowledge of audio implementation and scripting with C#.

My all-time favorite games are the Age of Empires and Company of Heroes series, which I've been playing since 2001 and 2006, respectively. More recently, I found particular enjoyment in Little Nightmares I & II, Inside, Outer Wilds, and, quite unrelatedly, Deep Rock Galactic.

Feel free to reach out to discuss projects or share your game ideas—I'm looking forward to working with you.


Get to know me

  • SFX Design and Implementation

  • Dialogue Recording and Editing

  • Voice Over Direction

  • Minimalistic Music Composition

  • Foley Recording